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Think Google Adwords Remarketing Strategy

Before a remarketing campaign can commence, there must be 500 visitors tagged. So how do you plan to get these visitors if there is currently low traffic to the website? Also, you should have clear goals of who you want to remarket. Perhaps you only ant to redisplay ads to people who have visited your website who have not already signed up on your email list, or have made an online purchase. There are a variety of tactics at your grasp, but the first thing to do is focus on one central idea. This can be to promote the brand, product or service.

Focus on the Best

Focus on the best product or service you currently offer and create/optimize a landing page for it. Make sure to provide the elements your customers want to see that will make you stand out from the competition. These elements include high quality images/videos of the product or service rendered, testimonials, detailed descriptions, list of awards and associations. Do not be scared to provide a call-to-action or to provide a lead generation form on that page.

Utilize Your Existing Resources

As cliché as it may be, the sky is the limit. Re-purposing marketing initiatives to improve your remarketing lists can include contacting prior clients and asking them to provide testimonials directly on your website, promote your business and engage on existing social media outlets, send a company email newsletter to your list, and guest blog on industry websites to name a few. These seem typical at first, but now that you have inserted the Google Adwords remarketing code you the power to follow those visitors for up to 540 days. Just make sure to avoid any gimmick link marketing or paid fake traffic from sources like fiverr. Always remember that you want to re-market back to real people and potential customers. Quality over quantity.

The Ad

Below are some example of a campaign we put together for clothing line based in Miami. Create eye catching advertisements that are consistant and relevant to your visitor with a clear call-to-action or offer. Depending on the list you are trying to target, you can create ads to up-sell or cros sell to existing customers, re-engage customers who did night sign up to your email newsletter or abandoned shopping cart.
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Niche vs Broad targeting

Understand your capabilities with Google Adwords remarketing. While broad targeting may produce a larger list in a shorter amount of time, it can also cost a local brick & mortar business additional expenses that are not needed. There are very few reasons as to why a local plumber in Kansas City, MI should be remarketing to a website visitor from Brooklyn, NY. Google Adwords offers a drilldown of specs such as region and other demographics, but use them wisely as it may also hurt a campaign.


The conclusion is that I will have more ideas to offer. This is merely just a brush of the surface. As a marketing firm for over 10 years, we have applied various remarketing techniques before Google Adwords remarketing was even offered. Just think out of the box and you will come up with some of your own.