Always on the move and seeking new challenges, DJ GI Joe has upped the ante once again.  Although usually thought of as Immortal Technique’s DJ, Joe has been constantly reinventing himself within the field of hip hop his whole life.  From accomplished bboy to renowned DJ to talented producer, and member of well known groups like Supreme Beingz, Zulu Nation, Rebel Arms, and Turntable Anihilists, he now emerges as a fiery emcee in this debut independent album collaborative.  As hip hop as can be, he lives
underground and label free.

DTM THE MC, as an artist, is very versatile.  He prefers lyrics with a message but, at the same time, can deliver the raw sound heard on Cold Minded or even create music for new school listeners.  Born on the West Coast and influenced by 90’s East Coast hip hop at a young age, he is passionate about hip hop as an art form and creates music for all audiences of this genre. Universal best describes his work, which is always evolving. If you love REAL Hip Hop, you can understand.

Cold Minded is real underground music, hip hop in every way. Raw lyrics and graphic subject matter combined with classic production equal a high quality product for the ears of those who appreciate this genre’s roots. Sponsored by, this project has a very definitive sound and is not your average 2015 debut release. Features from artists like Chino XL, Diabolic, CF (Constant Flow), DJ DP One and more, along with this phenomenal hip hop duo, create nothing less than lyrical genius you must listen to many times to fully comprehend. This isn’t music you can play at a church but, if you’re looking for something that might disappoint your grandmother, … this is the project for you.

Cold Minded

1 – Real Hip-Hop Ft. Diabolic (Produced by King Fatir)
2 – Crudo (Produced by Vnrable)
3 – Epic Ft. Omniscient (Produced by Marco El Mago)
4 – Blood On The Walls (Produced by Marco El Mago & DJ GI JOE)
5 – One of a Kind (Produced by Marco El Mago & DJ GI JOE)
6 – Understand Ft. Sauna Rell (Produced by Vnrable)
7 – Wild style Ft. CF [Constant Flow] (Produced by Marco El Mago)
8 – Heartless (Produced Marco El Mago & DJ GI JOE)
9 – Dope wit it Ft. Erg One & T-Max (Produced by Vnrable)
10 – Underrated (Produced by Marco El Mago)
11 – Dance With Me (Produced by P. Silva)
12 – COLD MINDED Ft. Chino XL (Produced by Marco El Mago)

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